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Work Visa

A Work Visa is designed to bring capable and highly skilled foreign-born people to Australia in order to work, support the economy and help improve the work force. There a number of different Work Visas that vary by skills, terms of employment and sponsorship.

Employer Sponsored Visas:

Employer Sponsored visas are for employers hoping to bring a specific, highly skilled employee to fill a position in a company. These visa nominations can either be for a temporary or a permanent Australian visa.

Temporary Sponsored Visas:

The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is a temporary visa for skilled employees who do not qualify for the Skilled Independent visa. The sponsor for this visa can be an eligible relative in Australia or an Australian State or Territory Government. This visa requires a score of 65 on the points test . The visa is for people interested in working in an occupation in the skilled occupation list. Persons awarded this visa are able to work in Australia and this visa can be a pathway to permanent residence.

The 457 Temporary Business Visa is the most commonly used Work Visa. It allows an employee to work in Australia for four years. The employer is able to sponsor an employee for a designated position. Employers can be either:

  • Australian businesses; or
  • Overseas businesses

Permanent Sponsored Visas:

  • The Skilled Sponsored Visa is designed for skilled professionals with a desired skill set. The applicant must also achieve a score of 65 points on the points assessment. A State or Territory can also sponsor applicants. These applicants must have specialised skills required in that region in order to be nominated.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme is a temporary visa that allows an employee to be sponsored by an employer. Skilled workers meeting the minimum requirements are able to apply for this visa, once nominated by an employer.
  • The Skilled Independent Visa is a visa for but highly skilled individuals to migrate to Australia to live and work. This is a permanent visa that also allows the visa holder to as a permanent resident. The applicant for this visa must have a skill set found on the Australia Skilled Occupation List. They must also score 65 points on the assessment.
  • The Working Holiday Visa is an exchange program set up between reciprocating countries. The visa is people aged 18 to 30 years old who are interested in taking an extended holiday in Australia, while working a short-term job. The visa is valid for a year The Work and Holiday Visa is similar to the above mentioned, except that this visa is for countries not in the reciprocating program and specifically for citizens of Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. This visa allows people between the ages of 18 and 30 to travel in Australia valid up to a year and work part-time jobs to supplement their travel monies.

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