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Travel Visa

Tourist visas are required for anyone who wants to enter Australia (excluding residents of Australia or New Zealand) on a holiday or trip. There are a variety of different Travel Visas for different types of visits.Australian Travel Visas are often denied due to lack of information to the applicant. Applying for a visa can seem complex but we can help you in the right way.

Why come to Australia for a Holiday?

The laid-back and charming culture of Australia is perfect for a tourist hoping for relaxation. Australia is a rich mix of cultural history, from Aboriginal traditions to the days of colonial Australia and the brave bushrangers, to the diverse culture that can be found today. For sporting enthusiasts, Australia has much to offer by way of athletic competitions, both amateur and professional. Travelers also enjoy the laid-back life- style. From trying out surfing for the first time to a beach barbeque at sunset,.

Tourist attractions, pleasant weather, picturesque landscapes, rich cultural history and exotic wildlife abound, as well as plenty of things to do for adventure-seeking tourists. The largest island in the world, Australia boasts 50,000km of coastline. The majority of the population live close to the coast. All around the island coast, there are beautiful, smaller islands, shimmering beaches, colourful reefs and excellent surf. For travellers interested in seeing much of this coastline, there are beautiful winding drives like the Pacific Coat Touring Route or the Great Ocean Road, which gives drivers a breath-taking view the entire drive.

There are many natural beauties to see in Australia. Diving enthusiasts must see the Great Barrier Reef just off of the northeast coast of the country. Wildlife lovers need look no further than the various national parks in Australia including Namadgi and Kosciuszko National Parks. Australia is home to more than 378 mammal species, 828 bird species, 300 varieties of lizard, 140 different snakes and countless fish. Marsupials like the kangaroo, wallaby, koala and wombat are unique just to Australia. Many of these parks provide opportunities to get up close and personal with these unique creatures.

For tourists interested in exciting city life and fine dining, there are numerous cities around the country to visit and experience. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra, among others, all have different varieties to offer in gourmet dining, fine wines, exciting sporting events and festivals and celebrations unique to their regions.

Attaining a Travel Visa is the first step to an exciting Australian vacation. There are different Travel Visas depending on the needs of the traveller.

  • The tourist or short Travel Visaa is for travellers intending to visit Australia for a short period of time to travel, or visit family and friends.
  • Depending on the country of origin, some people are able to apply for the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) visa. This visa is processed electronically and allows for some flexibility in travel
  • A Business Visitor Visa is for people intending to travel to Australia for business purposes lasting less than six weeks. This visa is also valid for multiple travel periods.
  • The Business ETA visa allows people from the approved country list to visit Australia for business purposes. This visa may be granted both short-term and long-term to allow people interested in business in Australia to fully explore their opportunities.

Choose the best TravelVisa that fits your requirement

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