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Significant Investor Stream

This Visa allows successful business owners to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia. In addition, this Visa also allows applicants to invest in an Australia state or territory.

In order to apply for this Visa, you need to be either invited to apply by the Minister of Immigration or nominated by a state or territory government.

Significant Investor Stream


Applicants must meet both the health requirements and character requirements in order to be eligible for this Visa. You must also be invited by the Minister to apply for this Visa. Additionally, applicants must also satisfy the requirements in the stream that is selected.

  • You make a complying investment of at least AUD5 000 000 in any of the following options, and hold that investment for at least four (4) years:
    • Commonwealth, state or territory government bonds
    • Cash held by Australia deposit-taking institutions
    • bonds issued by the Australia Government or a State or Territory government
    • bonds, equity, hybrids or other corporate debt in Australian companies and trusts listed on any Australian stock exchange
    • bonds or term deposits issued by Australian financial institutions
    • real property in Australia
    • Australian agribusiness
    • annuities issued by an Australian registered life company
    • loans secured by mortgages over the investments listed above
    • derivatives used for portfolio management and non-speculative purposes (which constitute no more than 20 per cent of the total value of the managed fund)
    • other managed funds that invest in the investments listed above
  • You have a genuine intention to reside in the State or Territory whose government agency nominated you.
  • You live in Australia for at least 160 days over four years while holding your provisional Visa.
  • You undertake that you will not take legal actions against the Commonwealth in relation to any loss relating to the complying investment.

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