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Performance Guarantee

Apply 2 Visa has a performance guarantee that is unique. We are confident of our high quality of services as a Australian migration agency firm to provide a performance guarantee that assures their clients of quality Australian migration and visa proceedings.

Fullfill Promises

Apply 2 Visa is not just any Australian immigration agency that promises the sky but delivers less in immigration matters. Apply 2 Visa pledges to deliver what is promised with full integrity after consulting their clients on their preferences and objectives of an Australian migration.

Apply 2 Visa works closely with their clients to understand their dreams and aspirations towards Australia in terms of work and business as well as education, family and retirement opportunities. Professional advice and suggestions are put forward with the best intentions for the best interests of their clients.

Honesty is the best policy which is adopted by Apply 2 Visa. There would be no empty promises on immigration issues as the A2V team studies and understands the clients’ background, wishes and objectives.

Always at your side

Apply 2 Visa promises to fulfill all its obligations to each of their clients from start to finish while being at their side at every step of the migration procedure. No client would be left in the dark or at the sideline in every aspect of the migration process. Clear explanations and migration options would be laid out on the table for the clients’ consideration with appropriate advice from the Apply 2 Visa immigration consultants.

All necessary documentation and actions for a successful migration or visa procurement would be handled professionally by the Apply 2 Visa team to ensure a quick and preferred outcome for their client.

Professional modus operandi

A2V promises to operate professionally in compliance to the Australian immigration services authorities to provide the best Australian migration and visa services to every Apply 2 Visa client. There would be professional and integrated actions between the client and the Department of Home Affairs to ensure a fast and successful application whether for migration purposes or visa procurement for study, business, work or family unity.

The Apply 2 Visa client would be kept in the loop always during the migration processing while all necessary forms and documents would be submitted to the right Australian immigration authorities quickly for a faster preferred outcome. Apply 2 Visa would handle all follow up actions with the Department of Home Affairs on the clients’ behalf to give a stress free and easy Australian migration experience.

A2V promises to be fair and upfront with their charges and fees which are competitive and affordable. There is no hidden fee with every fee accounted for every best effort invested into a successful Australian migration application.

We at Apply 2 Visa promise to:

  • provide honest, unambiguous and professional advice
  • diligently complete and submit all aspects of your visa application (where requested)
  • simplify and interpret the migration regulation and policies to guide you through every step of the process
  • make your migration process as stress-free as possible
  • promptly communicate with you every step of your application process from the date of lodgement to the Department of Home Affairs' decision on your visa
  • be upfront, open and honest about all fees and charges
  • make regular enquiries to the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf (note: that we have no control over how long it takes for DIAC to process visas)
  • abide by the legal rules, regulations, code of conduct and legislation set out by the legal authorities and professional bodies including the Department of Home Affairs in Australia and The Immigration Department of New Zealand.
  • Please note that our performance guarantee is contingent on the applicant providing true and fair information to our agents on any details that may impact the visa application.