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Family Visa

Family sponsored migrants are selected on the basis of their family relationship with their sponsor or nominator in Australia. Family sponsored applicants are assessed on an individual basis against Australia’s health and character requirements. The applicant migrants must be sponsored or nominated by a close family member living in Australia. The sponsor must be either an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and would usually be 18 years of age or older. Assurance of support and payment of bond is also required for certain visas

Australia is known as a wonderland of nature for its pristine beach, crystal blue sea, ancient rocks and rainforests. Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world, but has the minimum population density for every square kilometer. It is the reason that many people visit this country every year and they are interested to living in Australia. You have to apply for the right types of visa when you have decided to migrate to Australia. Each type has specific requirements, obligations and conditions. So, you have to collect all necessary information before applying for a visa. An immigration consultant can help you to find this relevant information about immigration to Australia.

All family visas are classified as family stream. Family visas enable Australian permanent residence and citizens to bring together other family members living outside Australia. Australian visa facilitates option for parents, husband/wife, children and other family members. Some family visa requires long time to process. So, it is wise to get professionals advice if you are living in Australia. Many migration consultancy firms are available to help you in this case. Experienced migrations agents such as Australian Immigration Agency can advise you the bestvisa option to meet your purpose. Partner category applies to married, engaged and defacto couples. In some countries, common sex partners are allowed and this visa scheme allows them too however, you have to cite this when you are consulting with immigration consultant.

Parent visa category is for those parents who have children settled in Australia as an Australian citizen or permanent resident.However, it may look straightforward but there are many other options in this scheme. A migration lawyer can direct you to the correct path to increase your chance for a successful visa application. In parent visa category, at least nine options are available. The first four options are qualified for parents eligible for an Australian pension by their age. After being granted a visa, a person may have to wait ten years to receive an age pension. Parent visa categories are as follows:

If the person is in Australia

  1. Aged PV (parents visa) (subclass 804)
  2. Contributory PV (subclass 173 to 143)
  3. Contributory aged PV (subclass 864)
  4. Contributory aged PV (subclass 884)
  5. Contributory aged PV (subclass 864 to 884)

If the person is outside Australia

  1. Parent visa (subclass 103)
  2. Contributory PV (subclass 143)
  3. Contributory PV (subclass 173)
  4. Contributory PV (from subclass 143 to 173)

Child visa is also an important category of visa assisted by immigration consultants. This category is eligible for dependent children, adopted children of as Australian citizen or orphan relative. An Australian migration agent can effectively direct you to increase the success to get an immigration visa.Seven different options are available in this category:

When the child is in Australia

  1. Child visa (subclass 802)
  2. Orphan relative visa (subclass 837)
  3. Visa for dependent child (subclass 445)

When the child is outside Australia

  1. Child visa (subclass 101)
  2. Adopted child visa (subclass 102)
  3. Visa for orphan relative (subclass 117)
  4. Visa for dependent child (subclass 445)

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